Install node.js on Amazon Linux

If you ever want to quickly install node.js on an Amazon Linux box without having to compile from source, you can do it quickly with the following 3 commands »


So today in a technical interview, I was asked to solve the "fizzbuzz" problem slightly different than the usual way I've heard the problem. I was tasked with printing "fizz »

Simple jQuery Plugin for Popping Hidden Content

I had to put a quick jQuery plugin today for creating and overlay and displaying forms hidden on a page today, so I made this jquery.popup.js. Usage is »

Selecting Random IDs for a Subquery in MSSQL

Yesterday I needed to move some data between a table in an old version of a database and a new version of a database for testing, just some records to »

Faux Single Use URLs with ColdFusion and Amazon S3

Every now and then I come up with some code that while very simple, solves a problem quickly and easily for me. Recently we were asked to secure some files »

/facepalmer - Form Won't Submit With jQuery/JS

This is more a word of warning post than anything else. Somehow through all my time in web development I had never encountered this issue. I simply had a form »