So today in a technical interview, I was asked to solve the "fizzbuzz" problem slightly different than the usual way I've heard the problem. I was tasked with printing "fizz" for multiples of 3, "buzz" for multiples of 5 and for other numbers print out the number itself.

So I solved the problem, and then I thought I was asked to "do it with only 2 conditionals" which after minutes of failing to come up with the solution it had turned out to be a misunderstanding. However, of course my brain didn't shut down after that. After it was over, I figured out what I considered a decent solution with 2 conditionals. We were talking JavaScript at the time, so here is what I ended up with in JS:

Maybe not the most genius solution in the world, and clearly it didn't do me any good since I didn't think of it until it was too late, but hey, maybe next time I won't blow it :P