Fixing a Tweet Button That Won't Increment

While adding Tweet Buttons to a website I am working on I decided instead of reinventing the wheel I would just use the simple code provided by Twitter here: http »

CF Wrapper

Just a quick note that I finally put something in the Open Source Section of the site. It's just a basic (url shortener) wrapper in ColdFusion. It's »

Unzipping to Amazon S3 with CF

I was working on a project today and one of the requirements was a zip file with many nested folders needed to be uploaded and extracted to an Amazon S3 »

jQuery Quickie: IE Quirk w/ :enabled selector

In jQuery you can select enabled and disabled inputs rather easily, all you have to do is something like the following: or if you wanted to check if a particular »

Larger Static Google Maps with CFImage

Inspired by Ray Camden's (@cfjedimaster) blog post on experiments with static maps and cfimage I did my own little stupid experiment on Friday. Google restricts static maps to a maximum »

Coldfusion CFFile Upload and Rename Woes

An interesting problem (well maybe interesting isn't the word for it) presented itself yesterday morning when I first got into work. We have a music auditions site where people can »